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Fear The Flames (Single)

by Brian Stone



In 1546, aged just 25, Anne Askew was tortured in the Tower Of London and burnt at the stake at Smithfield; one of only two women known to have suffered this fate. Her crime was to be an outspoken Protestant in a country led by Henry VIII and wavering between these reformers and religious traditionalists.

Her short life was remarkable. She was educated, wrote poetry in English and sought divorce from a forced marriage; all largely unheard of for women of the time.

Eventually her determination to preach in London drew the attention of senior men in the King's court but despite their brutal use of the rack she refused to name other women who supported Protestantism, perhaps including Catherine Parr.

At her execution, along with three other men, supporters smuggled gunpowder to them, so sparing them the full horror of this barbaric form of execution.


The last days of the King; terror stalks a nation filled with dread
Which way will he turn; either way lives hang by a thread. Oh woa oh oh
Cast in the wishing well; and only time will tell
Mistress Askew reads The Book, and convictions form that will seal her fate
While in a forced, abusive match; but against the odds she’d separate. Oh woa oh oh
Traditions you'd dispel; but only time will tell
Well do you fear the flames?
In the old ways lie the fires of hell, do you rebel
Oh do you fear the flames?
Is this your destiny? Fight devilry?
Oh do you fear the flames?
She’d memorise and proselytise; defy the forces set against her kin
Fight patriarchs and oligarchs; against her spirit they can never win. Oh woa oh oh
Is right on her side; well only time will tell
Well do you fear the flames?
Deep inside your tower cell, you still rebel
Oh do you fear the flames?
Though you triumphed, made a break
This time there's no escape
The rack awaits
Oh do you fear the flames?
Tortured, broken, still she'll not betray
Immutable, silent; true to her faith she will stay
Heresy, blasphemy; all they could throw at her now
And before the final judgement she’ll bow
And as the flames lick higher; only time will tell
One final act of mercy; and only time will tell
Well did you fear the flames?
Bear witness and the legacy; did you foresee
Oh did you fear the flames?
This woman's work was seen and done
Oh not ignored by anyone
The battle lost, the war still won
A heroin
Will never fear the flames?
Is This Your Destiny
Fight Devilry
Tortured. Broken
Heresy. Blasphemy
Witness. Ann’s Legacy


released November 3, 2021
featuring Maty Tustian on bodhran


all rights reserved


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